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?  Do you have high employee turnover? 

According to the US Department of Labor:

1)  hiring is successful about 50% of the time.  2)  50% of hires stay 6 months in their job.  3)  There is only a .14 to .19 correlation of interview predictions & actual job success.  4)  There is only a .26 correlation of reference predictions & job success.   

?  Would you like an easy, dependable way to hire top employees?  

Our company, Simmons Management Systems, proudly offers you the Simmons Personal Survey!  With over 99% accuracy, The Simmons Personal Survey is the most powerful job-related assessment tool available on the market. 

The Simmons Personal Survey, with its 57 performance indicators, accurately and objectively measures the most important job-related emotional and behavioral tendencies, such as: Energy; Stress; Optimism; Self-Esteem: Commitment to Work; Attention to Detail; Routine vs Change; Courage; Decisiveness; Assertion; Anger vs Tolerance; Consideration; Sociability etc.  Every one of these Key Success Traits has been proven in hundreds of research studies (both medical & psychological) to correlate with personal health, job performance, and job enjoyment. 

The person's characteristics are then compared to one of our 28 validated job norms or to a customized norm. This allows you to accurately predict job performance in any job, making the Survey an excellent tool for hiring, placement, management, personal development, training needs assessment, and outplacement.



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"I?ve done extensive research on testing over the years.  This test is far superior to anything else on the Market.  One year, I personally validated 132 tests.  All 132 were validated as accurate!."  David Michiels, PhD.   More

?I?ve just been given a new road map for the rest of my life!  More

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Reduces employee turnover by an average of 78.5%

The test is given on our web page, is easy to do, and takes approximately 30 minutes.

Over 99% Accuracy

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