The Most Accurate Employee Assessment Tool!

On the internet, there are many tests that have no proven accuracy.  Because the tests are very inaccurate (less than 60% accurate), they can lead you to choose the wrong employee!  

The Simmons Personal Survey ™ has been proven in research to be over 99% accurate.  The quotes listed below, on this page, show the accuracy of the Survey.  

"After 20 years of business, we did an opinion poll of all of our business customers.  All responses from our customers showed the Survey to be from 97% to 100% accurate (averaging nearly 100%) - with none stating a lower figure!"  Simmons Management Systems Research Statistic.

"At Astrazenica, a large pharmaceutical company, correspondence between the Survey and independent, in-depth, structured interviewing was almost 100% agreement (i.e. 99%!) with the ninety-nine people in the study!"  Elizabeth Morris, Human Resources Consultant.

"100% of the Surveys we have processed have been accurate and were verified by other reliable information.  The Survey has consistently helped us hire good employees, reduce turnover, greatly enhance performance, and increase customer satisfaction."  Tom Howard, V. P. Human Resources, Wang's International, Inc. Memphis, TN.

"The Survey helps to pick the best professional football players.  In the last five years, 90% of the NFL players drafted have been Surveyed.  “One year I personally validated 132 Surveys.  I asked their coach, advisors, and people that knew them very well, “How accurate is this description?”  All 132 were validated as accurate.  

"Among the professional teams who have used the Survey are the Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and Dallas Cowboys.  Collegiate teams include among others, U.C.L.A., Tulane, University of Oklahoma, and University of North Carolina."  David Michiels, Ph.D.

"At the present time, we have begun an in-house study to statistically verify the accuracy, validity, and usefulness that we have seen in the Simmons Personal Survey.  While the total process will include over a hundred employees, one part of the study is described below.


1.  The Simmons Personal Survey was processed on five job candidates.  I scored and ranked the candidates from 1 to 10 on several critical job success factors, based entirely on my evaluation of their Simmons Profile.  Throughout the applicant rating and ranking process, I had no other knowledge about the applicants.

2.  Five highly-skilled, well-trained interviewers from American Aggregates interviewed each of the five candidates.  Their in-depth process included meeting with the applicant at their current place of work and talking with people who worked with them.  From their testing and interviews, each interviewer individually scored the applicants on the critical success factors for the job and placed them in rank order from 1 to 10.  Throughout the interviewing and ranking process, the interviewers had no knowledge of the Survey rankings.


 "My interpretation of the Simmons was precisely in line with all five interviewers in scoring success factors and in rank order.  That's tremendous credibility!  We are seeing that this tool is so powerful."

Steve Fleming, VP Human Resources, CSR American Aggregates.

"I have used the Simmons Survey for years now.  I have come to put a great degree of trust in the Survey findings.  Over and over again, I have seen Surveys that are consistent with my interview findings.  When I review the Surveys with the participant's own managers, they, too, confirm the Survey's validity."  Bob Wall, Psychologist and Human Resource Consultant.

"For me, the Survey absolutely nailed the personality attributes that, on one end of the scale could have been negative to the job at hand, &/or those attributes that on the other end of the scale, indicated that this was the very right person for doing the job.  We just wouldn’t hire anyone who did not score strong enough on the management scales.  I have that much faith in the accuracy of the instrument."  

"Our number one use of the Survey is for hiring.  We’ve learned to pay attention to it, sometimes we’ve learned the hard way.  I had an applicant who was just fabulous in the interview, said all the right things, and looked really strong.  Her Survey showed somewhat less than that.  I thought, “Well, it can’t always be right.”  But in the long run, it was the Survey that we should have been listening to.

You can get a gut feeling sometimes in an interview and you don’t know whether to go with it or not.  But the Survey is consistently correct.  It showed tendencies that we could not have foreseen in the interview."  Patty Camps, General Manager, Metal Products, Memphis, TN

"Employees that we believe are good candidates for a management position are brought to Richmond for four days in our Corporate Management Awareness Program.  With 220 stores in 26 states, we can’t possibly get to know all of them personally.  The Survey backs up what we think we know or points out character traits that we would not be able to discover, even with interviews and the five day training. Gray Rawlings, Vice President of Administration, S & K

"Many applicants present themselves as enthusiastic hard workers; 'I’m a work-a-holic.  I’m not afraid to work hard and put in long hours.'  But the Survey would tell you whether that was real or not.  Having a dependable way to identify their commitment to work, positive attitude, emotional energy and decision making levels helped us choose managers that were right for our situation.  The Survey was a vital part of our hiring process for management positions.

“Some people are intimidated by taking tests in general and by the Survey in particular initially, because it is so accurate.  But once they understand how it is used to help them, they realize there’s no risk to taking it.  The Survey really helped the supervisor build team work, with everyone drawing off each others strengths and supporting them in the areas they need to work on.  As an employer, we saw we had to have it.”  Keith Floto, Human Resource Manager, WenLake (a Wendy's franchise.)