Cut Employee Costs.  Decrease Turnover

The following are research reports with numerical values, showing that the Survey has helped reduce turnover an average of  78.5 %.

77% Turnover Reduction:  "The Survey helps hire the right people, reducing turnover.  Methodist Hospitals, in Memphis, TN, reduced their critical care nursing turnover from 65% to 15% within 18 months using the Simmons Personal Survey!  In fact, they have consistently held it down for 17 years."  Charles T. Kenny, Ph.D

89% Turnover Reduction:  By using the Survey for hiring, MAPCO, a large convenience store chain, decreased their turnover by 89.3% (from 171% to 19%), saving them approximately $92,686.25 per month and $1,112,235.00 per year!  Simmons Management Systems Research Study

59% Turnover Reduction:  "Character measurement produced tremendous turnover reduction.  We totally integrated the Simmons Personal Survey into our Human Resource procedures, using it specifically at three levels.  After job applicants were narrowed down to three, all were given the Survey.  We used it for every position, from entry level throughout management.  Since we originally began by giving the Survey to all of our existing management, we could see how the Survey scores related to success in our stores.  We knew what we were looking for in an applicant, and could choose the one who would fit best.  We also used the Survey to help us know which employees were really ready for promotion.  Within 18 months, the Survey was the key to reducing turnover  from a crippling 172% to a manageable 70%. Pat Sumpter, Management Consultant.

89% Turnover Reduction:  "Using the Survey for promotion decisions dramatically reduced turnover.  In the six months after we started using the Personal Survey, we did not turn a single manager.  After starting to use the Survey, we only had 2 turnovers in a 3 year period of time.  [a reduction in turnover by 89%]  Wes Crane, Human Resources Consultant.