Hire Top Employees

Overview:  Our employee assessment instrument, The Simmons Personal Survey, has proven in thousands of companies for 28 years to help identify and hire top employees (for any job), resulting in: 1) increased employee productivity, 2) higher production quantity, 3) higher product & service quality, 4) increased sales, 5) reduced turnover, 6) less absenteeism, 7) fewer labor disputes, and 8) less theft!

The following are brief versions of testimonials and of research reports, proving the value of the Survey in hiring top employees.  If you want more in-depth versions, click on this link:  In-Depth Hiring Proof

"100% of the Surveys we have processed have been accurate and were verified by other reliable information.  The Survey has consistently helped us hire good employees, reduce turnover, greatly enhance performance, and increase customer satisfaction."  Tom Howard, V. P. Human Resources, Wang's International, Inc. Memphis, TN.

"The Survey helps to pick the best professional football players.  In the last five years, 90% of the NFL players drafted have been Surveyed.  “One year I personally validated 132 Surveys.  I asked their coach, advisors, and people that knew them very well, “How accurate is this description?”  All 132 were validated as accurate.”  

"Among the professional teams who have used the Survey are the Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and Dallas Cowboys.  Collegiate teams include among others, U.C.L.A., Tulane, University of Oklahoma, and University of North Carolina."  David Michiels, Ph.D.

"The Survey helps hire the right people, reducing turnover.  Methodist Hospitals, in Memphis, TN, reduced their critical care nursing turnover from 65% to 15% within 18 months using the Simmons Personal Survey!  In fact, they have consistently held it down for 17 years."  Charles T. Kenny, Ph.D

"At Methodist Hospitals, Memphis, TN, the Survey by itself, correlated with the job performance of hospital nurses by .68.  This is a remarkably high correlation with overall performance, since other factors such as health, experience, education, and intelligence also affect performance.  They have now used the Survey for 28 years and have found it to consistently increase the productivity of their nursing staff."  Simmons Management Systems Research Statistic.

By using the Survey for hiring, MAPCO, a large convenience store chain, decreased their turnover by 89.3% (from 171% to 19%), saving them approximately $92,686.25 per month and $1,112,235.00 per year!  Simmons Management Systems Research Study

"Character measurement produced tremendous turnover reduction.  We totally integrated the Simmons Personal Survey into our Human Resource procedures, using it specifically at three levels.  After job applicants were narrowed down to three, all were given the Survey.  We used it for every position, from entry level throughout management.  Since we originally began by giving the Survey to all of our existing management, we could see how the Survey scores related to success in our stores.  We knew what we were looking for in an applicant, and could choose the one who would fit best.  We also used the Survey to help us know which employees were really ready for promotion.  Within 18 months, the Survey was the key to reducing turnover  from a crippling 172% to a manageable 70%. Pat Sumpter, Management Consultant.

"The Survey Helps Companies Succeed Financially:  "The Survey has helped us decrease our employee costs.  At the same time, it has helped us increase productivity, sales, and profits."  Susan Dailey, Personnel Director, Shirlo Incorporated, Memphis, TN. 

"Using the Survey for promotion decisions dramatically reduced turnover.  In the six months after we started using the Personal Survey, we did not turn a single manager.  After starting to use the Survey, we only had 2 turnovers in a 3 year period of time.  [a reduction in turnover by 89%]  Wes Crane, Human Resources Consultant.

"Our company has been using the Simmons Personal Survey on a regular basis for hiring supervisory personnel and have been very pleased with the quality of employee the Survey is helping us to obtain.  We use the Simmons to answer questions in three critical areas:  Can the person do the job?  Will the person do the job?  Will the person fit on the team?  Serious paradigm shifts are necessary to make TQM successful.  We feel the Simmons Personal Survey is the tool that can help us do that."  Steve Fleming, VP Human Resources, CSR American Aggregates.

"Since we have begun to use your Survey, rarely have we made a mistake in hiring the wrong individual.  Short term employment with our company has decreased dramatically.  There is no doubt in my mind that the “pennies” I pay you, for your survey pays for itself a hundred times over. Burton L Bank, President Chesapeake Interlink, Ltd.

"Employees that we believe are good candidates for a management position are brought to Richmond for four days in our Corporate Management Awareness Program.  With 220 stores in 26 states, we can’t possibly get to know all of them personally.  The Survey backs up what we think we know or points out character traits that we would not be able to discover, even with interviews and the five day training.

The Survey is a great tool for us because it gives us additional information that we have found to be true to character.  The Survey shows us how they relate to people, which tells us how they might handle customers and employees.  We look for what kind of leadership potential they have to handle the hiring and training end of the business also.

When you spend over $5,000 in time and resources to train each manager, it’s disheartening to find that, after 3 months, someone else has offered them another $2,000 and off they go.  The Survey helps us avoid that.

We’ve grown from 500 to 620 managers in one year and we’ll be doubling our size with the next 2 years.  The Survey has helped us find the very best caliber person that is suited for this kind of job."  Gray Rawlings, Vice President of Administration, S & K Menswear, Richmond VA

"The Simmons Survey has been a primary component in our selection process for over 16 years, especially with management."  Nellie Miller, Director of Human Resources, Landau Uniforms, Olive Branch, MS.

"We’ve used the Survey for hiring, training, promotion and team building for over 15 years."  Doug Haile, Human Resource Manager, O’Sullivan Industries, Lamar, MO.

 "The Survey helps me place employees into jobs where they can be most successful.  In this way, strengths can be best utilized and limitations are minimized.  The Survey also helps me assess readiness for advancement." Carl Ring, President, Ring Can  Corporation, Oakland, TN.

If you wish to read further, we have many more testimonials, more in-depth testimonials, and more research findings relative to hiring at the following link:  In-Depth Hiring Proof